Alexey Filimonov - Piano/Composer

Vienna 2015

Jonas Skielboe - Guitar

Barocco Nuevo

Flamenco Bachinianas


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"It is difficult to imagine Johann Sebastian Bach composing anywhere other then a 18th century church, and yet that is precisely what composer/pianist Alexey Filimonov and guitarist Jonas Skielboe have done with their duo, transporting the great German master to the heart of Spain with it's vibrant flamenco tradition. As we hear some of Bach's most memorable melodies and harmonies cleverly rearranged for piano and flamenco guitar, we can easily imagine Bach in his powdered wig walking the streets of Seville or Granada. The listener is transported by fiery rasguado Toccatas and syncopated Menuets into a new musical world where two beloved traditions are meeting for the first time. This inspired interpretation and the superb musicianship of Filimonov and Skielboe make for an unforgettable musical journey, all at once familiar and breathtakingly new."